Norm Siegel, Actor, Musician, Performer.
Smiling Norm Siegel
Photo by
David Hartman
After a long absence from the local folk music scene, Norm "MadDawg" Siegel reemerged in 2005. Until recently, he was the sound person at the now closed Bill's Blues Bar in Evanston, Illinois, where he engineered and performed at the weekly Sunday afternoon LilFest open mike and also engineered the Sunday night folk concert series. His interpretation of his local Chicago singer/songwriter friends' music, as well as other writers he has met, become uniquely his own, staying loyal to the spirit of the lyrics and music, but putting his own individual spin on them. From serious songs about the human condition to humorous situations, his performances are always guaranteed to make his audience think, laugh and, possibly shed a tear of memory.

This is the website of Norm Siegel, a.k.a. "MadDawg". Here is where you can find out where his next appearances will be, and how to contact him.

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This web site is due in some part to the late Tom Dundee. Read what Norm has to say about Tom in Tom's Chicago Sun-Times obituary.